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PostSubject: OH MY WORD!   OH MY WORD! EmptyThu Jun 01, 2017 5:56 pm

I can not believe it has been so long since I came here and updated anything! I don't mean to neglect this, or any other site, but I truly am running myself thin, what's new, right?

After 5 months of not having our laptop, and then getting it back about 4 months ago, I found myself overwhelmed with trying to catch up, and having the task of moving the 2 stores I had built to Wordpress instead (cubecart yuk) , and opening a new one, I somehow fell into a slump, and creativity went out the window. Most likely this is due to the fact I try to do too much alone, but then it seems I have no choice, it's do or do nothing... Don't think I have not tried to get help, either I am the plague, or maybe my expectations are too high, or maybe I just plain don't know what the hell I am doing  No

In any case, I can't seem to find, nor keep help nor contributors, so maybe it's the plague after all. With that said, I just keep plugging on, and since I am partly British, I Carry On the best I can....

There was a day folks were scrambling to get to me, wanting what I had to offer, and needing my help and hiring me for what they needed. Shopping at my stores, or begging for booking when I managed venues...... funny how folks disappear when they no longer need you, or you need someone to help you the most. A handful of close friends are the only ones I could even say are helpful and caring, but ironic, the ones who needed you the most are long gone, even though you see them on social networks every damned day.

Sorry, a little rant there, but like I said, creativity has been stifled lately, and irritation and depression have buggered up. I had also been pretty sick last month, having really bad bouts with vertigo and tinnitus again, to the point one night I ended up in the bath tub for almost 4 hours cause I could not move. The whole world was spinning.

I posted this here instead of the journals, because I did not want it on the front page, but I will say here, even after my rant above, I have lots of projects, on different subjects and niches, and I am still in need of Contributors!

I need contributors and helpers for....

writing articles about.....

fashion, art, graphics, scrapbooking, music, 

also Paganism, Richmond Virginia, etc etc etc... many subjects and projects.

Here are just 3 links to publications needing contributors.. there are several more..

I will also be updating the links on this site soon, as they are horribly outdated  Embarassed

I am also hoping to find a creative team for my graphics work,

and some people who can help promote my Graphics store, my Fashions, and my Collectibles store, in places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc....

for the creative team, they will receive my kits and resources for free to create promo and freebies with, and after a period of time (6 months) of loyal contributions, will also receive my CU license for free to sell my graphics in their own kits etc.

Anyway, a lot has gone on this year, and I am trying really hard to stay above it. I know it will change eventually, it always does, but when you are down, it is really hard to see up, and that is where I am right now, trying to look up!
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